Geek Divers is GDPR compliant!

Software for Dive Centers and Dive Resorts

To celebrate the new European data protection regulation (GDPR), we are proud to inform you that Geek Divers can help your dive business being compliant. Yay! You might say: “But my business is not based in Europe. Why should it be GDPR compliant?” I’m quite sure that you have European customers on a regular basis, […]

New features in Geek Divers (Release 1.0.2 – February 2018)

What have we been doing in the last 6-7 weeks since Release 1.0.1? For sure we had the pleasure to meet some of you either at the Boot in Dusseldorf or at Duikvaker in Utrecht. The diving family is amazing: no matter where you go or where you come from, among divers you can always […]

What can I do with Geek Divers?

Software for Dive Centers and Dive Resorts

If you haven’t read it yet, check What is Geek Divers? Let’s say that you have a dive operation somewhere in this beautiful world or you’re planning to open one.  And let’s say that you’re already successful or you plan to be in a short time, thanks to your business skills, some good partnerships and […]

Geek Divers – new offer!

Software for Dive Centers and Dive Resorts

Hey there! Before the end of 2017 Geek Divers is getting a new style that comes with additional features and improvements thanks to the feedback of our customers (thank you! – you know who you are!). If you’re looking for a software companion for your business, an assistant that can take care of all the […]

Pressure and diving

Pressure is a key element in diving. During your Open Water course you’ve learnt how pressure affects volume and density. Do you remember? Pressure in physics (symbol: P) is defined as a force perpendicular to a surface and exerted on an area. In diving theory we talk about atmospheric pressure to refer to the pressure […]

6 things that you can do during your safety stop

In recreational diving, a safety stop at 5m/15ft for 3 minutes is recommended and nowadays it is common practice. But what is a safety stop exactly? In 1974 a study led by Dr. Andrew Pilmanis showed how safety stops at the end of dives greatly reduced bubble formation in divers. And we all know that […]

Sim card scam in Kuala Lumpur

We landed in Kuala Lumpur a couple of weeks ago and the first impact with the city was a scam: we fell for it like newbies… At the arrival hall of Kuala Lumpur International Airport we went to the ATM to get some Malaysian Ringgit and then we purchased a prepaid sim card with data […]

Geek Divers – The experience that matters

If your dive center needs a new tool to manage things, drop us a line at Geek Divers – The experience that matters Soon available for every dive center.