New features in Geek Divers (Release 1.0.2 – February 2018)

What have we been doing in the last 6-7 weeks since Release 1.0.1? For sure we had the pleasure to meet some of you either at the Boot in Dusseldorf or at Duikvaker in Utrecht. The diving family is amazing: no matter where you go or where you come from, among divers you can always […]

What can I do with Geek Divers?

Software for Dive Centers and Dive Resorts

If you haven’t read it yet, check What is Geek Divers? Let’s say that you have a dive operation somewhere in this beautiful world or you’re planning to open one.  And let’s say that you’re already successful or you plan to be in a short time, thanks to your business skills, some good partnerships and […]

What is Geek Divers?

Software for Dive Centers and Dive Resorts

Geek Divers is a software for dive centers You can use Geek Divers to: store and maintain your complete customer base manage your staff members make an inventory of your rental equipment ask your customers to pre-check-in with you through the Geek Divers online registration form list and manage you dive sites set up your […]

Geek Divers go live! Fancy helping us?

We’re so excited to tell you that Geek Divers is live! If you own or manage a dive center, Geek Divers is for you! Geek Divers is an online platform that helps you manage your customers, staff members, rental equipment, activity planning and a lot more! For your customers we will soon release Geek Divers […]

How we work on Geek Divers

We’re nearly ready to launch our first software product and it’s a big step for us. We’ve been working on it for a long time and from our first idea to the current version it looks so different! Will our customers like it? Will we receive some good feedback? Will we be eventually rewarded for […]

Geek Divers – The experience that matters

If your dive center needs a new tool to manage things, drop us a line at Geek Divers – The experience that matters Soon available for every dive center.

Getting ready

Getting Ready

Geek Divers are getting ready for the long trip! We’re sorting some paperwork that is needed to make our business official and then we’ll be ready to fly to South East Asia to begin our journey. One step back. Last year in December we wrote our Business Plan and included all the activities that we […]

Hello Geek Divers! was great! For those of you who don’t know about it, it’s the Düsseldorf International Boat Show or Internationale Bootsausstellung Düsseldorf. Even though boats took over most of the display areas of the 17 halls, there was plenty of room for water sports. Jörg and I were there for 7 out of 9 […]