What is Geek Divers?

Software for Dive Centers and Dive Resorts

Geek Divers is a software for dive centers

You can use Geek Divers to:

  • store and maintain your complete customer base
  • manage your staff members
  • make an inventory of your rental equipment
  • ask your customers to pre-check-in with you through the Geek Divers online registration form
  • list and manage you dive sites
  • set up your price list and package discounts
  • store and maintain data about your agents and partners
  • manually or automatically calculate customers bills, staff payslips and agents and partners invoices/credit notes
  • view and edit your cash flow
  • plan your activities (fun dives, snorkeling trips, courses…)
  • assign rental equipment to your customers
  • generate and run your reports
  • help your business reach GDPR-compliance
  • manage all your dive centers in one account
  • create and manage quotes for your customers and travel agents
  • manage your agents’ price lists
  • set up your accommodation and manage real-time availability
  • use pre-defined discounts – e.g. -10% for returning customers
  • define your payment methods
  • merge customers’ bills – in case of families or groups
  • Set up tasks in your activity calendar
  • Upload documents to the customer’s profile


What do you need to use Geek Divers?

Any device with data connection and Google Chrome. We recommend a screen not smaller than 8” for a better user experience, but if you need to check something quickly your phone will work as well.


You can access Geek Divers from www.geekdivers.com and click on button Login. Request your free demo login and see for yourself what you can do with Geek Divers!

Geek Divers is available 24/7 and accessible from anywhere in the world. You can temporarily be away from your dive center and you can still check what’s going on!

Once you go through the initial setup -no worries, we’ll help you with that! 🙂 -, you just need to plan your daily activities and Geek Divers will automatically calculate your customers bills, your staff payslips and your agents and partners invoices and credit notes. Your cash flow will also be updated automatically every time your customers settle their bills, when you pay your staff members and when you settle the payments with your agents and partners.

Read about What you can do with Geek Divers

Do you still have questions? Drop us a message and we’ll be in touch!

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