Hello Geek Divers! was great! For those of you who don’t know about it, it’s the Düsseldorf International Boat Show or Internationale Bootsausstellung Düsseldorf. Even though boats took over most of the display areas of the 17 halls, there was plenty of room for water sports. Jörg and I were there for 7 out of 9 days of fair, mostly spent in Hall 3 and 4 where all the diving action was going on. We walked miles, had very expensive hot dogs (we missed my granny’s lasagna!) and smelled neoprene wherever we went. And when you smell neoprene you know that you’re in a good place! 

We originally wanted to go for a couple of days just to see if we could talk to some dive center owners or managers, explain them what we’re doing and see if there was any interest. But in fact? We were fully booked for 7 days!

So I would say “mission accomplished”: 64 business cards exchanged, 37 software demo, countless of interesting conversations (in 3 different languages, plus a few words of Spanish and Arabic!), new friends and lots of new contacts!

…And a long list of new features for Geek Divers! There’s still a lot to do and the clock is ticking but thanks to the great feedback and tons of new ideas, we can launch Geek Divers with a set of features that will hopefully make a lot more dive centers happy.

And who knows? Maybe we already have a couple of customers that are just waiting for Geek Divers to launch next April 2017.

In the meantime watch the video that Maurizio made for us!

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