Pressure and diving

Pressure is a key element in diving. During your Open Water course you’ve learnt how pressure affects volume and density. Do you remember? Pressure in physics (symbol: P) is defined as a force perpendicular to a surface and exerted on an area. In diving theory we talk about atmospheric pressure to refer to the pressure […]

6 things that you can do during your safety stop

In recreational diving, a safety stop at 5m/15ft for 3 minutes is recommended and nowadays it is common practice. But what is a safety stop exactly? In 1974 a study led by Dr. Andrew Pilmanis showed how safety stops at the end of dives greatly reduced bubble formation in divers. And we all know that […]

Geek Divers in the Maldives

We spent some time in the Maldives in the last couple of years and here’s our experience in two local islands. Maafushi The first time we were in Maafushi, a local island not far away from Malé, the capital city of the Maldives. We landed in Malé on a Friday afternoon, took the airport ferry to […]

How we ended up doing our Divemaster by chance (or more or less!)

2016 was the year of big changes for us. We quit our corporate jobs, gave our 3-month notice and organised the handover to our colleagues so that we didn’t need to show up in the office for 2 of those 3 months. And we received our full salaries for the entire notice period. I know, […]

Fish ID @Sail Rock

What would you do on a beautiful and sunny day when you wake up on a little island in the Gulf of Thailand? You go diving, of course! 🙂If you then happen to be living in a dive resort with an equipment room just a few steps away from your door and the pier a […]

Big White Rabbits Are Fluffy

Fluffy Rabbits? Yeah 😀 exactly! When you go diving one of the most important things that you need to do is the so called “buddy check”. In recreational diving you never go underwater alone, whether you already have your favourite dive buddy with you or not, a diving center will not allow you to go […]

The first dive after a long dry period

Software for Dive Centers and Dive Resorts

Unless you are a dive professional or a diver with 3000+ dives under his/her belt (or both), you might have experienced that anxious feeling before a dive, especially after a long dry period. Do I still remember what I’m supposed to do? What if my equipment doesn’t work as expected? What if I panic underwater? […]