Sim card scam in Kuala Lumpur

We landed in Kuala Lumpur a couple of weeks ago and the first impact with the city was a scam: we fell for it like newbies… At the arrival hall of Kuala Lumpur International Airport we went to the ATM to get some Malaysian Ringgit and then we purchased a prepaid sim card with data […]

Follow your dreams

Yeah, right, you’ve probably read dozens of posts suggesting you to follow your dreams, right? Bear with me for a couple more minutes, please. I’m not going to give you some quick steps to quit your job and change your life tomorrow, but I have a point. Jörg and I decided to quit our jobs […]

Booking an international flight

Geek Divers Software for dive center

Now it’s the time: I need to book our international flight to Southeast Asia and I know already that this is probably going to be the most expensive invoice that I need to file in the travel expense list. And it’s not just about the cost, but the time that I’ll have to invest in […]